Discover rough pleasure that leaves you feeling soft and dewy fresh. Exfoliate, cleanse and revitalize your skin with Body Cupid Body Scrubs. Enriched with premium botanical oils and infused with pure essential oils for ultra healing benefits, these are just the twice-a- week pampering your skin craves.

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Add a touch of bliss to your daily shower with Body Cupid Shower Gels. Luxuriate in rich lather that cleanses your skin, and fragrant notes that calm the mind. Infused with purest essential oils and totally free of harmful paraben or sulfates, these leave you feeling fresh and cheerful through the day.

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Pamper your skin with utmost nourishment with Body Cupid’s Body Lotions. Rich and hydrating, these are infused with natural goodness of purest botanical oils. Smooth and fragrant, non-greasy and quick-absorb, your skin loves their healing, replenishing coverage that shields it from pollutants and toxins.

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