Wedding Kit - Contains 24k Gold Scrub, Shea with Argan Oil Body Butter, Scandal Perfume, Keratin Shampoo & Hair Conditioner - Total Net Vol. 1100 ml

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Body Cupid 24 k Gold Body Scrub - 200 ml

The exceptional glow boosting power of this scrub comes from premium quality gold mica powder, a natural mineral with reflective qualities to enhance skin’s radiance. This scrub also has cocoa and shea butters; sweet almond, grapeseed and wild apricot oils; aloe vera extract and walnut shell powder.   Together these wonderful ingredients work in synergy to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and pamper your skin.

Be sure to include the Body Cupid 24K Gold Body Scrub in your beauty care regimen. And get silken smooth skin that glows with rich radiance!

To Use: Wet your body under warm shower. Apply a generous amount of the body scrub on the skin and massage well using circular movements. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly. Use twice a week for best results.

Body Cupid Shea with Argan Oil Body Butter - 200 ml

Body Cupid Shea with Argan Oil Body Butter helps soothe, heal and restore your skin’s natural glow. A pampering formulation with protective goodness, it has pure argan oil – also known as liquid gold due to its skin-nurturing goodness – along with shea butter, honey, vitamin E and many more prized actives. Regular application not only helps keep skin amply moisturized, it also helps reduce inflammation, stretch marks, dryness and signs of aging.

To Use:  After showering, take a small amount of body butter. Apply wherever required – hands, feet, arms, legs, knees, elbows. Massage with soft, soothing strokes till fully absorbed by skin.

Body Cupid Scandal Perfume - 100 ml

With a small spray of Body Cupid Scandal Perfume on your pulse points,swirl in a cloud of fragrance that's utterly seductive. Savour the divine notes and give your senses their most indulgent experience ever.

This fragrance opens up with fine fruity notes of bergamont, grapefruit and lemon, then blends into a combination of fruity and floral notes of peaches, apples, plums, muguet, magnolia, rose and jasmine with lasting of sweet vanilla, sugary maltol, woody and musky notes.

Body Cupid Keratin Shampoo with Hydrolized Keratin Protein, Almond Oil and Argan Oil - 300 ml

Not just healthy cleansing, give your hair healing keratin protein nourishment too with Body Cupid Keratin Shampoo. It gently reverses hair damage caused by harsh chemical treatments, heat styling, sulphate laden shampoos and general aging to restore silky softness and sleek gloss. Keratin – the hair builder protein present in this shampoo – goes into hair strands and gently repairs the damage. This shampoo is not only totally free of harsh sulphate, paraben, silicone, salt and synthetic color, it also contains almond and argan oils for rich scalp nourishment.

To Use: Wet hair thoroughly with warm water. Apply shampoo as needed. Massage all over scalp and tresses gently with fingertips for 2-3 minutes. Wash out well with plenty of plain water. Follow with a cold water rinse for enhanced dgloss and smoothness.

Body Cupid Keratin Hair Conditioner with Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein,Coconut Oil and Argan Oil - 300 ml

Body Cupid Keratin Hair Conditioner gives your hair rich care to make it look its beautiful best. Its effective formulation contains hydrolyzed keratin protein that heals hair damage caused by lack of moisture, heat and chemical styling treatments. This conditioner also has pure almond oil and argan oil – two traditionally valued hair care marvels – to revive gloss and boost silkiness.

To Use: Using this conditioner after shampoo will help ensure stronger, silkier and glossier hair.

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