Healthy Hair Starts With A Healthy Scalp

Your tresses are called your crowning glory for a reason: they are actually the top of your look enhancers.  Soft, silky, bouncy, and glossy hair is everyone’s dream asset. But do you know that the hair of your dreams is not possible without a healthy scalp underneath? After all, the scalp is the skin from where your hair grows.

Here is a look at why scalp health matters, what some common scalp health issues are, and how to regain and maintain scalp health.

Scalp health matters if your hair matters to you. Just as plants are rooted in soil and the soil quality is a major factor in determining plant health, same is the case with scalp and hair. Your hair is rooted into your scalp. Hair itself is dead tissue made mostly of a protein called keratin. It is the hair follicle, the base of hair, that’s rooted in the scalp and generates new hair that you see growing longer, that’s alive.  The hair follicle is your hair’s ‘manufacturing factory’ and it is embedded in the scalp and gets its nourishment and nutrition from the scalp blood flow. The same follicle also produces sebum – a waxy, oily substance – that gives gloss and smoothness to individual hair strands. A healthy scalp with healthy hair follicles means healthy blood flow and healthy hair growth. An unhealthy scalp means your hair quality suffers in terms of thickness, smoothness, and strength.

Here are some factors that can mar scalp health:

Dry scalp

Just like your skin, your scalp too can suffer from dehydration or lack of healthy moisture. The best way to hydrate and moisturize your scalp is to use regular oil massages. And also to use shampoos without sulphates (often written in ingredient lists as SLS/SLES). Sulphates are cheap detergents that create suds and lather but also leach away your scalp’s healthy moisture and natural oils. For well moisturized scalp, always choose hair care products that mention ‘no sulphates’.

Dandruff and flakes

Dandruff is a condition where the scalp starts producing white flakes. It can be caused by a fungal infection, autoimmune disorders, or even poor scalp hygiene. The white flakes shedding on hair and clothes look tacky as well as unhygienic.

Dandruff usually comes with blocked or clogged hair follicles and long term blockage can even kill the hair follicle making the hair disappear totally. 

To treat dandruff, we recommend regular oil massage with a quality hair oil that contains red onion seed extract and fenugreek extract, both reputed to help control dandruff.

Itchy scalp

Most people have suffered from itchy scalp sometime or the other. The scalp can itch for multiple reasons. 

Do you know that your scalp has its own microflora i.e. bacteria that live in it. Any upset or imbalance in scalp microflora usually causes itching.

Itching can also be due to an allergic reaction to any strong chemical in your hair care formulation. Or it can be due to lack of hygiene (infrequent or inadequate washing), improper rinsing out at the time of shampoo/conditioning, or (horror, horror) due to lice infestation.

To control itchy scalp, first rule out lice infestation. If there are lice, go to a trichologist for anti-parasite scalp treatment that will kill lice.

If the itching is not due to lice, use gentle and pH balanced hair care products without sulphates, parabens, silicones and mineral oils. Avoid styling products and heat/chemical-based hair styling as it harms the scalp.  Undertake a healthy hair care regimen with regular oiling, shampoo and conditioning that will help boost blood flow in the scalp while exfoliating away dead cells and styling product residues to reduce itchiness.

More scalp health tips:

  • Do not use nails while massaging in oil, shampoo or conditioner. Nails scratch the scalp and damage its health.
  • Do not tug or pull at your hair. Do not tie hair in excessively tight hairstyles that can stretch and irritate your scalp.
  • Reduce stress. Cortisol, the stress hormone of the body, affects your scalp and hair health. So relax, deep breathe and do something you enjoy every day.
  • Avoid direct sunlight as exposure to sun’s ultraviolet radiation causes oxidative stress in the scalp affecting adversely scalp health.
  • Do not share combs and brushes. Comb hair gently. Do not overbrush as it can overstimulate the scalp into producing excessive sebum.
  • Eat a rainbow diet full of natural produce. Add colourful fruits and veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats to your platter to ensure adequate nutrition in your scalp’s blood flow.

Body Cupid Hair Care Range that helps improve scalp health 

To keep your scalp healthy and your hair looking its best, we recommend Body Cupid hair care products that are completely free of harmful sulphates, parabens and mineral oils.

Body Cupid is a premium bath & body product brand that has a quality range of hair care products – hair oils, shampoos and conditioners – to keep your scalp free of flakes, deposits, infections, dryness, itching and irritation.

Body Cupid Red Onion & Fenugreek Seed Hair Oil 

Onion Oil


This premium hair oil gives hair and scalp intensive care and nourishment to help revive weak, damaged and thinning hair. Its formulation has 100% cold-pressed blend of sweet almond, castor, extra virgin olive, jojoba, argan & coconut oils enhanced with red onion oil seed extract, fenugreek seed extract   and vitamin E. Contains no mineral oils or parabens. Every drop has the power to nourish, condition and repair hair for healthier tresses. Regular application helps reduce hair fall, thicken hair, and increase gloss. 

Body Cupid Castor Oil

Catsor Oil


This is 100% pure and guaranteed cold-pressed oil extracted from the finest castor seeds without using any solvents.  Rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, this oil is good for improving scalp health and the appearance of hair (also useful for skin, lips, eyebrows and nails). This oil can be used on its own or blended with any other cold-pressed oils for a pre-shampoo scalp massage. Castor oil is also recommended in Ayurveda for promoting scalp and hair health. 

Body Cupid Keratin Shampoo 

keratin shampoo


Body Cupid Keratin Shampoo gives your scalp and hair healthy cleansing and healing keratin protein nourishment to gently reverse scalp and hair damage caused by harsh chemical treatments, heat styling, sulphate laden shampoos and general aging to restore silky softness and sleek gloss. Keratin – the hair builder protein present in this shampoo – goes into hair strands and gently repairs the damage to minimize hair fall. This shampoo is not only totally free of harsh sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, salt, and synthetic color, it also contains almond and argan oils for rich scalp nourishment. 

Body Cupid Biotin & Argan Oil Shampoo

biotin shampoo


This gentle shampoo is enriched with biotin, the hair-friendly vitamin, and Moroccan argan oil known as liquid gold for its rich nutritional values. It is completely free of harmful sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, salt and synthetic colors. These harsh chemicals can strip your scalp and hair of their natural oils and further contribute to hair damage and hair fall. With this shampoo, your scalp and hair get only the gentle nourishment of purest and finest ingredients to ensure healthy pro-hair growth care.

Body Cupid Keratin Hair Conditioner



Body Cupid Keratin Hair Conditioner has been formulated to give your scalp and hair rich care to make it look its strongest and beautiful best. It comes powered with Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein that heals hair damage caused by lack of moisture, heat and chemical styling treatments. Also contains almond oil and argan oil – two traditionally valued hair care marvels – to promote hair growth, revive gloss and boost silkiness.  Regular use helps reduce hair fall,  tangles and breakage, helps hair look and feel stronger, silkier and glossier.

Body Cupid Biotin & Argan Hair Oil Conditioner

biotin conditioner


Body Cupid Biotin & Argan Oil Hair Conditioner helps give your tresses a moisturising, silky-glossy makeover caused by low hydration, sulphate-laden shampoos, silicone-laden styling products, and heat styling treatments. Its intensive natural active-based formulation is powered with Biotin – also known as Vitamin H or hair vitamin –  that helps improve keratin (the protein hair is made of) production and also revitalizes scalp and hair follicles for stronger hair. Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids help nourish hair by increasing hydration and providing richer nutrition. Vitamin B5, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil assist in giving your hair complete conditioning care.

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