Gold mica is healthy mineral care for beautiful skin

You must have heard that glowing skin is the best makeup you can wear. We agree completely.

Getting that much wanted golden glow on your skin takes the right kind of skincare regimen with the right kind of skincare products with naturally glow boosting ingredients like the gold mica powder.

Gold mica is one premium ingredient that helps skin look more radiant. While most of the time, mica is used in premium colour cosmetic products like foundations and blushes, it is now becoming a key active in pure and premium skincare products like shower gels, scrubs and face packs too.

Let’s learn more about gold mica and it glow boosting goodness.

What is Mica?


Mica is a group of minerals that’s also called Nature’s Glitter. The word ‘mica’ comes from Latin ‘micare’ that means ‘to glitter’.
Mica is a natural substance found underground in thin sheet form. Chemically speaking, mica is basically a class of earth mined minerals, silicate minerals to be more precise. Its natural colour range is wide and varied can be golden, silver, white, purple, blue and pink, depending on the exact mineral type.
Their great advantage of mica is not only that these come in many attractive colours but also that when ground finely; mica minerals turn into naturally sparkling powder that’s safe for skin.

What is Gold Mica?

gold mica


Gold mica is a type of natural mica mineral that turns into naturally golden powder when milled or fine ground. When added to a skincare product, it gives a shimmering and sparkling look. Applied on skin, it has a sheer and natural-looking glow boosting effect on complexion due to its high reflective power.
Four reasons Gold Mica is good for skin


The first and biggest benefit of gold mica is that it is a natural ingredient. Made totally by Mother Nature, this is actually nature’s own shimmer and glitter.


Secondly; it is a skin friendly ingredient. Applied on skin, it doesn’t irritate, and hence can be used on sensitive skin types too. Actually gold mica is safe for almost every skin type. There is some evidence that it actually helps soothe skin.


The third awesome thing about gold mica is its translucence and high reflective power that make it a wonderful addition to ‘illuminating’ and brightening’ skincare products. Applied on skin, it reflects light from the surface and creates a natural shimmery glow to it. Because of its sheerness or tanslucence, it helps skin look smoother and softer too.


The fourth great thing about mica is that it can be milled into really fine powder that doesn’t clog up skin pores. As you must know already, clogged pores can turn into acne. With mica, acne flare up is not a risk.


Mica has a long history of being used in beauty care. Fine ground mica was used across multiple cultures as a colouring pigment for makeup.
Because of these wonderful qualities, gold mica is a premium ingredient in organic and natural brands that prefer to stay away from manmade glitters that are harmful to skin.

How to include gold mica in skincare


24 k Gold Body Scrub


While mica is used more often as a pigment in cosmetic i.e. colour makeup products like foundation, blush and eye shadow etc, you can also use its skin glow boosting in skincare that comes well before makeup. Plus; as makeup is more often than not feamle preserve, this way even men can use mica for better looking skin.
Body Cupid, India’s leading premium skincare, bath & beauty brand has launched a 24K range enriched with gold mica powder. At present the company is offering two products – Body Cupid 24 K Gold Shower Gel and Body Cupid 24 K Gold Body Scrub.
Body Cupid 24 k Gold Body Scrub
Buy Body Cupid 24 k Gold Body Scrub

Body Cupid 24K Gold Body Scrub comes packed with power of fine gold mica powder. It also contains cocoa and shea butters; sweet almond, grapeseed and wild apricot oils; aloe vera extract and walnut shell powder. Together these wonderful ingredients work in synergy to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and pamper your skin.
Body Cupid 24 K Gold Shower Gel gives you an indulgent and royal shower experience. Enriched with fine gold mica mineral powder with reflective qualities, it helps your skin glow more than ever before. Its nourishing formulation also has Aloe Vera Extract to soften, hydrate and soothe skin, and Vitamins B5 & E to give antioxidant protection. Sensuous and precious, this is the shower gel to take your shower routine to a regal dimension.
The company also plans to launch more gold mica enriched products soon.
The entire Body Cupid range of products is completely free of harmful sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and silicones.

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