To Get Utterly Butterly Luscious Skin, Go for Body Butters

To Get Utterly Butterly Luscious Skin, Go for Body Butters

The rich gift of silky smoothness for skin

A typical skincare routine usually includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing for the face - but what about the rest of your body? It deserves some loving care too, and sometimes a simple body lotion just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, to reverse the effects of aging and pollution and to keep your skin hydrated and glowing despite the stresses of a hectic lifestyle and biting temperatures, body butter is what you need.

What is body butter?

The body butter is a nutrient-dense cream to hydrate and revives your skin. It is specially formulated with rich ingredients that offer intense moisturization to keep your skin looking supple and youthful.

What is the difference between a body butter and a body lotion?

The main difference between a body lotion and a body butter lies in their ingredients. A body lotion is typically lighter - a mix of water with oils - to provide everyday hydration to your skin. Body lotions absorb into your skin faster and have a lightweight consistency. A body butter, on the other hand, is often thicker and heavier. Body butters are made of combining oils and butter with other luxurious ingredients like essential oils, fruit extracts, natural fragrances, etc.

Do I need to use both?

Body butter - typically made with shea butter, cocoa butter or beeswax - are heavy and moisturizing. They are favored by people who have dry skin as these deliver an intense dose of moisture to the skin and keep it hydrated for longer.

However, plenty of people use body butter regularly in the winters, when the biting chill, cold winds, and dehydrating effects of heaters can wreak havoc on your skin.

How do I choose the right body butter for myself?

Whether you prefer the warm, nutty fragrance of shea butter, the fruity freshness of summer citrus fruits, or the sweet scent of wild strawberries, there’s a body butter out there for you.

We recommend Body Cupid’s range of luscious body butter for velvety smooth skin throughout the year. Totally free of harmful mineral oils and parabens, these body butter have been created using only the highest quality ingredients that include pure, cold-pressed botanical seed oils and plant butter.

Here are five enriching body butter for you to choose from:

Body Cupid Citrus Love Body Butter 

A premium body butter that works to restore your skin’s health and provides antioxidant protection. This highly-nourishing blend has been made with pure mandarin orange essential oil, cocoa and shea butter, and premium botanical oils rich in skin-friendly essential fats and vitamins.

The antioxidant protection in this body butter provides against sun damage and pollution makes it ideal for aging skin and for those who work outside for long hours.



Body Cupid Pink Lotus Body Butter

Formulated with pure pink lotus extract that's renowned for its purifying and regenerative goodness, this body butter soothes the skin while keeping it moisturized. It contains cocoa and shea butter that are rich in fatty acids to help skin retain its moisture, and sweet almond and jojoba oils to nourish it.

The Pink Lotus Body Butter with its antioxidant protection and the calming fragrance is perfect for stressed out and dull skin.

pink lotusBuy

Body Cupid Shea with Argan Oil Body Butter

Shea butter and argan oil - two intensely moisturizing products - come together in this luscious body butter. This pampering formulation has pure argan oil – also known as liquid gold due to its skin-nurturing goodness – along with shea butter, honey, vitamin E, and many more prized actives, making it the best way to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

The Body Cupid Shea with Argan Oil Body Butter has been specially formulated to revive dull and extremely dry skin. Regular use will not only help keep skin amply moisturized, but it will also help reduce inflammation, stretch marks, dryness, and signs of aging.



Body Cupid Wild Strawberry Body Butter

A nourishing, fragrant blend of strawberry seed oil with shea and cocoa butter that melts on application and hydrates gently without clogging up your pores. This healing, antioxidant-rich body butter has been formulated with macadamia oil and vitamin E.

The Body Cupid Wild Strawberry Body Butter is recommended for aging, lackluster and dry skin.



Body Cupid Red Plum Body Butter

Red plum extract, naturally rich in vitamin C, is blended with premium botanical butter to prepare a nourishing body butter. This preparation has moisturizing and skin-brightening benefits to drive away dryness and enhance radiance.

If you are troubled with pigmented, dull and lackluster skin, the Body Cupid Red Plum Body Butter will work to restore its health and keep it youthful and glowing. 



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