The Importance of Skin Exfoliation

Get softer, smoother skin all over with body scrubs

Exfoliation isn’t just for your facial skin; it is also a good habit for the skin on your body. After all, smoother legs, shoulders, arms and back also add to your charm and looks.

So what’s a body scrub

A body scrub is a specialist skincare formulation for skin exfoliation regimen i.e. it works to remove the dead cells, grime and sweat etc from its top layer, and reveal softer, smoother, and younger skin from underneath.

What goes into a body scrub

A quality body scrub has cold-pressed botanical oils (Argan, Almond, Olive, etc), Botanical butters (Shea, Cocoa), natural exfoliating agents (strawberry seed powder, cocoa powder, walnut shell powder, etc), and other actives like clays, activated charcoal, essential oils, and glycerin etc.

How exfoliation helps improve skin

body scrub

Exfoliation or scrubbing works to give your skin better health as well as appearance.

 Here are some key benefits:

  1. Skin brightening:  As the top layer of dead skin cells is removed through exfoliation, the newly revealed skin from underneath is fresher and brighter in appearance.
  2. Skin anti-aging: Exfoliation boosts blood flow and helps boost stimulate under-skin collagen formation. As collagen is the key protein that gives the skin its firm and plumped up look, regular exfoliation is excellent to delay the onset of visible signs of aging on the skin.
  3. Skin smoothing:  Exfoliation with a good body scrub leaves the skin feeling so much smoother in look and feel. Regular exfoliation also helps soften extra dry and rough skin on elbows, knees, and ankles. 
  4. Skin detoxification: A scrub with activated charcoal powder helps detoxify skin by drawing out deep-seated toxins and dirt hidden in pores.
  5. Cellulite reduction: Scrubs with caffeine help with cellulite issues and can gradually help the dimpling go less prominent in colour and texture.
  6. Improves efficacy of skin serum/ cream:  Right after exfoliation, your skin is at its absorbent best. Whatever you apply topically will penetrate faster. Hence, your expensive body lotion or massage oil will be way more beneficial if applied after exfoliation.
  7. Relaxation: Body scrubbing or exfoliation means using massage like circular motions on skin. This is immensely relaxing and soothing for the mind. 
  8.  Hydration:  A quality body scrub has real cold-pressed botanical oils that help hydrate and nourishes the skin. This gives additional glow and suppleness to the skin.

How to use a body scrub

It’s easy. Just wet your body under a warm shower. Apply a generous amount of the body scrub on desired areas – legs, arms, back, shoulders, tummy, elbows etc. – and massage well using circular movements. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly. 

How often to use a body scrub

No more than twice a week. Scrubbing too often can make your skin tender. If your skin is excessively dry, once a week exfoliation should be enough. For normal and oily skin types, twice a week body scrubbing is recommended.

Also, avoid scrubbing wherever skin is broken or sore. 

How to choose a quality scrub

Buy only from a reputed brand with high rating customer reviews and feedback. Check the ingredient list and the label. Your chosen body scrub should be totally without parabens and mineral oils. The key actives to look for are Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coffee Powder/ Extract, Cocoa Powder, Walnut Shell Powder, Strawberry Seed Extract, Vitamins B3, B5 & E, etc. 

Body Cupid Body Scrubs

Body Cupid is known for its premium bath and body skincare products enriched with premium botanical actives and formulated for visible skin benefits.

Body Cupid has an excellent range of body scrubs for you to choose from. Here is a brief look at each:

Body Cupid Coffee Body Scrub (recommended for cellulite control)

coffee body scrub


With coffee extract and strawberry seed extract that give your skin antioxidant support for minimizing sun damage, fine lines, and age spots. Coffee powder and walnut shell powder gently help exfoliate away dead cells and impurities. These also boost blood circulation to help reduce cellulite and stretch marks. Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds healthy hydration and fatty acid nourishment. Vitamins B3 & E, and pro-vitamin B5 help enhance anti-aging benefits and overall skin radiance.

Body Cupid Himalayan Rose Gold Body Scrub (rejuvenating and anti-aging)

Body Cupid Himalayan Rose Gold Body Scrub (rejuvenating and anti-aging)


With Rose Water, Gold Mica, Walnut Shell Powder & Vitamin E. It gives your skin pampering exfoliation experience to leave your skin looking visibly cleaner and deliciously smoother. Rosewater tones, hydrates and refreshes your skin. Fine gold mica enhances its radiance. Walnut Shell Powder gently unclogs pores and removes sebum and dead cells. Vitamin E tackles pollutants to slow down signs of aging.

Body Cupid 24K Gold Body Scrub (glow and radiance booster)

Body Cupid 24K Gold Body Scrub (glow and radiance booster)


With Gold Mica Powder, Aloe Vera Extract, Cocoa and Shea Butters, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed and Wild Apricot Oils. This scrub gently removes toxins, pollutants, dirt, excess oil, and dead cells to leave your skin clean, smooth, and gorgeously radiant. Cleanses, exfoliates, nourishes, and pampers skin. Gold mica powder is a natural mineral has reflective qualities to enhance skin’s radiance. 

Body Cupid Activated Charcoal Body Scrub (purifying and detoxifying)

Body Cupid Activated Charcoal Body Scrub (purifying and detoxifying)


With Activated Charcoal, Argan Oil and Walnut Shell Powder. This body scrub has high skin detoxifying, purifying, and glow-boosting qualities. It gently removes toxins, pollutants, dirt, excess oil, and dead cells to leave your skin clean, glowing and silken smooth. Its activated charcoal content quickly traps and binds toxins, pollutants and dirt present on the skin’s surface and within pores. Also hydrates and nourishes skin for enhanced softness and youthful glow. 

Body Cupid’s Coconut Milk Foaming Body Scrub Polish (for super smoothing, anti-aging glow)

Body Cupid’s Coconut Milk Foaming Body Scrub Polish


With Coconut Milk Extract, Aloe Vera & Green Tea Extracts, Shea & Cocoa Butters, Argan & Sweet Almond Oils, and Walnut Shell Powder. This Foaming Body Scrub gently lifts away dead skin and hidden impurities to reveal fresh and radiant skin from underneath. Has advanced free-radical-fighting power, it delivers deep moisturizing, super smoothing, and anti-aging protection to the skin. 

Body Cupid Chocolate Face and Body Scrub (softening and relaxing benefits)

chocolate body scube



 With Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder & Walnut Shell Powder.  This double-duty face and body scrub gives a pampering exfoliation experience by removing dirt, impurities, and dead cells, and by helping reduce signs of premature aging.  Has a sensual feel and fragrance. Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Butter are loaded with caffeine and antioxidants. Caffeine boosts blood circulation to firms up skin and antioxidants neutralize harmful free radicals to slow down skin aging. Cocoa Butter adds moisturizing, softening and nourishing benefits.

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