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Say bye to dry skin this winter!

Winter is coming! Ok, to be honest winter is here and so are the forever dreaded dry white lines on our skin. So, it's essential to indulge in a winter skincare routine and bid adieu to dull and dry skin. 

The only way to do so is to invest in body butters and body lotions. But before we talk about the best moisturizers for winter let’s clear the difference between body butters and body lotions.

Body Butter VS Body Lotion

Body butters are thicker in consistency as compared to body lotions. They last longer and have a stronger smell. Body butters are formulated with a combination of essential butters and carrier oils and do not typically carry water whereas body lotions are lighter in weight and usually formulated with a water-based formula. Body butters are also known for retaining moisture whereas body lotions penetrate through the skin and moisturize.

Where to apply:

Body Butter: Lips, hands, elbows, legs and feet.

Body Lotion: Arms, stomach and thighs.

OK, but which one?

This is probably the question you have in mind right now. So, let’s answer that. Like any other skincare product, there is an overwhelming number of options available in the market for body butters and body lotions, and the thumb rule is to opt for the product that targets most of your skin concerns.

Here’s a list of ingredients you need to look out for to win the ‘skin-winter games’ this season.

Never a dry moment!

If you are chasing lush, moisturized and soft skin. Opt for butters and lotions that are rich in:

Shea and Cocoa butter: Rich in natural fats and fatty acids that help the skin retain its moisture.

Argon oil: Famously known as liquid gold due to its skin nurturing goodness.

Coconut milk: Enriched with lauric acid that deeply nourishes the skin without clogging the pores.

Almond milk: Nourishes the skin with vitamin E and fatty acids.

Strawberry seed oil: Has Omega 3 fatty acids, polyphenols, and minerals that help to moisturize the skin intensely and makes it smell yummy.

Products we heart:

Body Cupid Shea with Argan Oil Body Butter

Body Cupid Vanilla and Almond Milk Body Lotion

Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Body Lotion 

Body Cupid Wild Strawberry Body Butter

Age is just a number!

The only thing that should define your age is your attitude and not the lines on your skin. Most people use face cream to hide the lines on their face but it’s important to remember that age-lines appear throughout the body and not only on the face. Look out for the following ingredients for the best anti-aging results.

Aloe Vera: Enriched with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and sugars that have amazing anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects.

Vitamin B 5: Possesses anti-aging qualities that encourage self-healing of skin and elevate collagen and elastin production.

Mandarin Orange Essential Oil: Has antioxidant qualities that help to neutralize free radicals that can damage skin cells and cause aging.

Glyceryl Monostearate:  Helps boost collagen levels and stimulates skin repair.

Red plum: Rich in natural vitamin C which has antioxidant properties that help to fight cell damage and brightens the skin.

Products we heart:

Body Cupid Citrus Love Body Butter

Body Cupid Aloe Vera and Green Tea Daily Body Lotion

Body Cupid Red Plum Body Butter

Say bye to pollution and hi to calmness

No matter what the situation is we can’t get rid of sun damage and pollution just as we can’t get rid of some people who are always outside. Let these ingredients protect you from damage just as a mask protects you these days.

Vitamin E: Adds healing antioxidant protection to the skin that helps protect it from pollutants and sun damage.

Pink Lotus Extract: Helps to soothe and calm the skin and is known for its renewing and purifying goodness.

Green Tea Extract: Enriched with polyphenol antioxidants that help to shield the skin from damage caused by pollution and sun rays.

Mandarin orange Essential Oil: Has mood-elevating qualities and has a calming effect.

Products we heart:

Body Cupid Red Plum Body Butter

Body Cupid Pink Lotus Body Butter

Body Cupid Citrus Love Body Butter

Body Cupid Aloe Vera and Green Tea Daily Body Lotion


Always keep in mind that moisturization is the key to nourished, supple and soft skin. Every body butter or lotion is formulated with multiple key ingredients so pick a combination that works best for your skin and forget your winter worries!

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