Men’s Perfumes Are A Must-Have

Men’s Perfumes Are A Must-Have

 Because Men Too Should Smell Good

‘You smell great!’

Everyone loves this compliment. Why? Because smelling is among the strongest of senses and smelling good is an easy way to create a favourable impression. A man who smells good gets a warmer, friendlier (or a shade stronger) response than the one who doesn’t. Let’s know more about men’s perfumes and why men should wear them.

A smell can evoke a hundred memories, a thousand emotions. Is it any surprise then that the art of perfumery is among the oldest rituals known to mankind! People were making themselves smell good with incenses and fragrant oils as back as 6000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. With time perfumes have evolved to help anyone smell good and distinctive with just a carefully applied spritz. 

There are women’s fragrances meant for women. There are unisex fragrances meant for both men and women. Then there are men’s fragrances meant for the male of the species. If you are a man reading this, we strongly recommend using men’s perfumes to up your appeal. If you are a woman reading this, we recommend that you get your man a handsomely masculine perfume to add to his charm.

Smelling good is a no-brainer and yet many men miss out on this simple and basic fact. Trust us; no one – woman or man – wants to stand in proximity to a person who doesn’t smell good. Still, if you want further convincing, read on to know why men should add perfume to their personal care regimen.

A perfume says you care how you present yourself to others.

A perfume impacts how others perceive you. No one likes a slob. Wearing perfume cuts down the ‘I am too lazy to look at my best’ impression. A good perfume says you want to present your best version. It whispers that this man can (and does) take extra trouble to win over people. 

A perfume adds to your self-confidence.

Smelling good to others is a powerful yet easy way to boost self-confidence.  When you know you smell good, you don’t withdraw into your shell. You step forward and shake hands with elan.

A perfume can be a part of your signature style.

Your smell is an announcement that you have arrived. For the men who like to stand out in the crowd, a good perfume is an indispensable accessory. Invisible yet felt at a deep level, that’s a perfume for you. Choose one that jells with your personality and create your own announcement.

A perfume is a mood setter and a mood booster.

We all know that smells are associated with perceptions as well as feelings and moods. Perfumes are also about moods. Setting the mood (hot date vibe) or boosting the mood (I want to feel good about myself, *spritz a perfume*), perfumes can do both for you in an instant. 

Whether you are feeling playful, or mean business, or want to give a seductive vibe, your perfume can set the tone before you utter even one word.

Now that you know the obvious advantages of wearing perfume, we move to how to choose a quality men’s perfume

  • Light perfumes for the day, strong ones in the evenings. Go for citrusy and fruity fragrances for the daytime. For evenings, choose woody, spicy, and musky with mild floral notes.
  • Go for a men’s perfume brand from a reputed company with a good track record and customer feedback. 
  • We recommend Body Cupid’s men’s perfumes for their awesome fragrance and long staying power. More on these awesome perfumes ahead.

    How to wear perfume

    Choosing a good perfume isn’t enough. You should also know how to wear it right. Hera re the dos: 

    • Apply on dry skin after the shower–  On skin, before donning clothes, please. This allows the perfume to mingle with your own natural and clean smell and work up the pheromone magic.
    • Choose your spots carefully – chest, neck, behind the ears, inner elbow, wrist, forearm, hollow of throat – these are the warm points that help the fragrance stay on longer. 
    • Apply in moderation– Too much is overkill and slays your impression. Remember, perfume should be discovered not announced.
    • If it is a date night, do apply tiny spritz behind the ears and on the base of throat. It will add an edge to those lean close moments. 

    How not to wear perfume

    • Don’t wear perfume to mask bad smells of unwashed sweat or booze. You will smell awful and repel those near you for sure. Perfumes are meant to add to you, not mask you.
    • Don’t apply too much. Whiff rather than blast is the idea. Your fragrance should be felt from close quarters, not from feet away.
    • Do not rub skin after spritzing on. The friction breaks down molecules, dissipating the fragrance faster. 
    • Do not ever apply perfumes on clothes.

    Exclusive perfumes for Men from Body cupid 

    Body Cupid, the well-known bath, body and fragrance brand has a premium range of men’s perfumes in its arsenal.  Packaged in sleek and handsome 100 ml bottles that give great ownership and gifting value, these are perfect fragrances for the man who wants to look good and smell good too. 

    Pick one or more for yourself (or your man) today.

    Body Cupid Aqua Storm

    aqua storm perfume


    The coolly seductive fragrance that creates a worthy impression from up close. The scent of the sea breeze and rolling waves. Top notes of mint, lavender, coriander, and rosemary. Heart notes of geranium, neroli, jasmine and sandalwood. Base notes of cedarwood, musk, amber, and tobacco.  Man of the world vibe in every spritz.

    Body Cupid Exotic Oud

    Body Cupid Exotic Oud


    A deliciously manly fragrance for the effortlessly suave man. An irresistible blend of heart notes of oud (agarwood), top notes of rose, base notes of amber and musk. It’s a majestic medley of urbane charm and oriental mystique. Designed to present you as the man of the world.

    Body Cupid Mr Wonderful

    Body Cupid Mr Wonderful


    An enticing fragrance that gently introduces the eternal charmer who makes women swoon with just his smile and scent. The fragrance blends top notes of citrus, heart notes of rose, jasmine & litchi, and base notes of vetiver, patchouli, vanilla & musk. One for a bold persona with a romantic heart.

    Body Cupid Partos

    partosh perfume


    A luxurious men’s fragrance created for the sophisticated gentleman. Suave with a smooth edge. A perfectly balanced blend of citrusy, spicy, woody and floral notes with top notes of bergamot, cinnamon, and gardenia, middle notes of patchouli, jasmine and cardamom, and base notes of sandalwood, leather, and vetiver. For moments when you need to show your polished side with elan.

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