How to Boost Collagen In Skin

Collagen is the magic fount of youthful skin. More collagen means the more supple and less lined appearance of skin. Hence, if you want to give a youthful look, it is vital that you learn some simple ways of boosting collagen in your body.

Let’s first know what’s collagen

Collagen is a vital component of our bodies. It is a fibrous and insoluble protein that works as the body’s biological glue that attaches all organs and body parts to give us the form that we appear in. Our skin – the largest organ we have – has lots of collagen underneath that holds it firm and smooth, and also gives it elasticity. Collagen also aids skin cells in repairing and renewing themselves. It also supports the skin and maintains its moisture levels that’s essential for skin health.

The trouble begins as we age. As the years pass, the body starts producing less and less collagen. This affects the skin’s appearance and sagging, wrinkles and fine lines start showing up. Gradually, the skin becomes less firm and less supply than it used to be earlier. 

By the way, collagen works at more levels than just skin. Even achy joints are a sign of collagen depletion in the body. However, in this article, we will keep our focus on skin.

When it comes to maintaining youthful skin, collagen is of primary importance.

Why is collagen boost a good idea?

With age, the body produces less and less of new collagen and loses more of its existing stores underneath skin layers. This gradual lessening then shows up signs of skin aging. One simple way of delaying the onset of visible signs of aging is to boost collagen production under the skin.

If we can give the skin collagen a boost, it can reduce visible signs of aging and help keep the skin looking and feeling firmer and more youthful.

Natural ways of boosting collagen

There are some fairly simple ways of boosting collagen that should be practiced regularly for their cumulative skin benefits. Read on.

Shield your skin from sunlight and pollution

Sun’s light contains ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) that damage under skin collagen by creating free radicals. In fact, the sun’s radiation is one of the most major causes of skin aging.  Don a wide-brimmed hat and wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every time you are out in day hours to shield your skin from sun exposure so that your collagen is protected from damage. Remember, any collagen saved is collagen boosted.

Consume more vitamin C in the diet

Vitamin C in your diet is an essential micronutrient that helps with collagen synthesis. It is naturally present in the skin to help protect from free radical damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and pollution, and also to stimulate collagen and elastin (the two proteins needed for skin’s firmness) synthesis to improve skin’s elasticity and strength.

The body cannot make or store new collagen if adequate vitamin C is unavailable. Also as vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, the body cannot store it. Any extra amount is excreted out with urine. You have to consume adequate vitamin C on a daily basis in your regular diet.

The most recommended vitamin C food sources are guavas, oranges, lemons, amla, peppers, papaya, broccoli, potatoes, and leafy greens. 

You can also consume a quality vitamin C supplement to meet your dietary requirements.

Use skin care products enriched with vitamin C

Topical application of vitamin C also supports collagen synthesis under skin. As a key active, it helps minimize visible signs of skin aging not only by promoting collagen synthesis but also by checking photodamage and boosting skin’s hydration. The three key factors in anti-aging skincare. Sun damage by UV rays adversely affects skin collagen that reduces skin’s elasticity, which in turn shows up as fine lines and wrinkles. 

High-end skin care products often use Kakadu Plum Fruit Extract that has a high amount of natural and highly bioavailable Vitamin C in it. Kakadu plums are an Australian fruit that are also the world’s richest Vitamin C source. Niacinamide is another active form of vitamin C that’s used in premium skincare products.

So next time you buy a skincare product – face wash or face cream or face serum or face pack – 

Check for vitamin C as a key ingredient. It will help boost your underskin collagen.

Use skincare products with retinol

Not just vitamin C, vitamin A (in the form of retinol derivatives) is also a good micronutrient for boosting collagen. Retinol helps boost the production of collagen under the skin. It also helps increase the lifespan of collagen by blocking enzymes that can destroy collagen. Retinol has another advantage up its sleeve. It helps build new blood vessels in the skin. More blood circulation in the skin leads to healthier and younger-looking skin.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel to skin. Drink aloe juice.

Aloe vera gel is traditionally believed to have rich anti-aging benefits. It is believed to boost the production of both collagen and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural molecule found in the skin that helps retain moisture for smoother skin and helps with skin renewal. We recommend drinking aloe vera juice and also applying aloe vera gel to the skin to boost collagen in the body and skin.

Body Cupid has several premium skincare products that can support your collagen boost needs. 

Body Cupid Aloe Vera Gel (for topical application only)

aloe vera


Body Cupid Aloe Vera Gel is a premium quality gel that’s 99% pure and naturally rich with 75 healing compounds (vitamins, minerals, sugars, amino acids, salicylic acid, and many more). It gives your skin ample hydration, reverses signs of aging by helping boost collagen, evens out the complexion, soothes rashes, and heals wounds and infections. Applied on scalp and hair, it removes dryness, limits fungal infections like dandruff, boosts shine and softness, and clears up itching. This gel can also be used blended with other natural skin/hair care ingredients.

Body Cupid Vitamin C Brightening Face Wash 

vitamin c face wash


Body Cupid Vitamin C Brightening Face Wash helps banish fine lines, dullness and patchiness from your skin with clinically proven skin brightening and collagen-boosting power of Vitamin C. Enriched with extract of Kakadu Plums from Australia, the world’s richest source of Vitamin C. It helps support underskin collagen, fade pigmentation, even out skin tone and brighten up the complexion. Plus, it also boosts under-skin collagen for a lush look and feels. Ideal for daily use.  

Body Cupid Vitamin C Face Serum

Vitamin C Face Serum


Body Cupid Vitamin C Face Serum comes packed with extract of Kakadu Plums, an Australian wonder fruit and the richest known source of Vitamin C. It stimulates skin to make more Pro-Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid for intensive lifting, firming and hydrating action.  Vitamin C also shields from oxidative stress that otherwise causes skin to age faster. This serum also has Hyaluronic Acid that keeps skin plumped up. There are many more wonder molecules – Vitamins B3 & E – in every drop to make your skin so much more even-toned, brighter and firmer.  

Body Cupid Retinol Face Serum

Retinol Face serum


Body Cupid Retinol Face Serum has Retinol (Vitamin A) and several more actives - Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E - to give your skin total revival with 9 visible skin benefits; 1) Faster cell renewal for fresher skin 2) Increased collagen levels for firmer look 3) Less dryness, more hydration 4) Plumper, smoother & glowing skin 5) Reduced fine lines & wrinkles 6) Less free radical damage 7) Less pigmentation & age spots 8) Tighter pores 9) Lighter & brighter complexion.

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