Hair Fall: Causes & Solutions

Excessive hair fall is something no one wants and everyone fears. Lush hair is so integral to good looks and favourable first impressions, that no one, simply no one, wants hair thinning, breaking, or scariest of all, going bald. Let’s know more about why hair fall happens and how it can be tackled.

Does your bathroom drain clog with fallen hair every time you shampoo? 

Does your comb or hairbrush show clumps of hair every time you comb or brush your hair?

Do you know that losing 50 to 100 hairs per day is normal?  As we have around 100,000 hairs on the head, this daily hair fall count is barely noticed. Old hair falls, new grows up to take its place. The problem comes up when hair loss is well above 100 strands per day (excessive hair fall), or when new hairs don’t come up to compensate for the ones lost (hair loss). 

Hair loss can strikeout of the blue. It can also happen so gradually that you barely notice it. Hair loss can be reversible or irreversible. It can show up as localized thinning, or bald patches and areas.

First, why hair fall happens

There can be many reasons for excessive hair fall and hair loss. Here is a look at some key causes.

Poor nutrition

Hair is made up of proteins. A protein-deficient diet can cause hair fall as well as worsening of hair quality, shine and texture. Similarly, lack of minerals (like zinc and sulphur) vitamins (especially biotin and vitamin D3) and antioxidants can also affect hair growth.

Stress & trauma

Excessive and chronic stress can cause hair to fall. As can any physical or emotional trauma.

Rough handling, harsh hair styling & styling products

Too much tugging, wet combing, badly entangled hair, and very tightly braided hairstyles cause physical stress and stretching of hair can cause hair to weaken and fall. Harsh chemicals and heat oriented hair styling can also cause hair fall.

Genetic reasons 

As these two words imply, you inherit the tendency to lose hair in your genes from your parents. Mostly linked to ageing, this kind of hair loss is called male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) in men, or female pattern baldness in women. This is a natural way of things with hair loss happening gradually where the hairline recedes by and by. This hair loss is irreversible. 

Hormonal changes

In women, hormonal changes linked to pregnancy, childbirth and menopause can cause temporary hair loss. 

Medical disorders

  • Hypo- and hyperthyroidism. 
  • An autoimmune disorder called alopecia areata shows up as patchy or complete hair loss.
  • Diabetes, lupus and other disorders.
  • Scalp infections like ringworm and dandruff.
  • Trichotillomania, a mental health disorder that causes the sufferer to pull out hair.

A side effect of medical treatments

Some drugs and treatments (e.g. for depression, cancer, arthritis, blood pressure etc) may cause hair fall. You need to check with a doctor to rule it out. 

Radiation therapy to treat cancer also causes severe hair loss.

How to manage hair loss and hair fall

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet rich in proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  • Follow a healthy hair care regimen throughout the year. Oiling, shampoo, conditioning – the works.

  • Keep hair free of dandruff.

  • Use hair care products – oil, shampoo, conditioner, any other – free of sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and silicones. Look for products with natural actives, cold-pressed oils, plant extracts, vitamins and hydrolyzed proteins. This help strengthen hair by boosting scalp blood flow, clearing up clogging of hair follicles, enabling higher absorption of nutrients, and replenishing hairs’ lost moisture and nutrients

We especially recommend products with keratin (hair builder protein), biotin (essential vitamin for hair health), argan oil, castor oil, onion black seed oil, and red onion oil extract. 

  • Practice hair hygiene and handle hair with care - Do not pull or tug at hair. Do not rough comb wet hair. Finger comb wet hair and let air dry. Minimize use of hairdryers, hair irons, hot rollers, styling gels, and hair sprays. Do not use rubber bands, clips, clutches and pins that add tension to hair.
  • Keep hair safe from sunlight to minimize UV damage that weakens hair. Wear a scarf when out in the open sun. Also, keep hair shielded in swimming pools that have chlorine in it. Wear a swimming cap always.
  • If you are on any prescription medicines and experiencing abnormal hair fall, check with your doctor for guidance and treatment.
  • Reduce stress- Take up a relaxation activity like yoga, tai chi, deep breathing or any other that helps you relax. Get adequate sleep.

What type of hair loss cannot be managed

Please note that hair loss and hair fall related to genetic factors – male/female pattern baldness – can neither be prevented nor reversed. Hair loss linked to autoimmune disorders and medical treatment needs medical supervision and guidance to tackle.

Body Cupid Haircare Range for help with hair fall & hair loss issues

For help with day to day hair fall issues, we recommend Body Cupid Hair Care Products. 

Body Cupid is a premium bath & body product brand that has a quality range of hair care products – hair oils, shampoos, and conditioners – to help reduce hair fall, repair damaged hair, and revive hair health.

Body Cupid Red Onion & Fenugreek Seed Hair Oil 

onion oil


This premium hair oil gives hair and scalp intensive care and nourishment to help revive weak, damaged and thinning hair. Its formulation has 100% cold-pressed blend of sweet almond, castor, extra virgin olive, jojoba, argan & coconut oils enhanced with red onion oilseed extract, fenugreek seed extract and vitamin E. Contains no mineral oils or parabens. Every drop has the power to nourish, condition and repair hair for healthier tresses. Regular application helps reduce hair fall, thicken hair, and increase gloss. 

Body Cupid Castor Oil

castor oil


This is 100% pure and guaranteed cold-pressed oil extracted from the finest castor seeds without using any solvents. Castor oil is recommended in Ayurveda for promoting hair growth.  Loaded with Vitamin E and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, this oil is good for improving health and appearance of hair (also useful for skin, lips, eyebrows, and nails). This oil can be used on its own or blended with any other cold-pressed oils. For hair fall control, use it for scalp massage before shampoo.

Body Cupid Keratin Shampoo 

Body Cupid Keratin Shampoo


Body Cupid Keratin Shampoo gives your hair healthy cleansing and healing keratin protein nourishment to gently reverse hair damage caused by harsh chemical treatments, heat styling, sulphate laden shampoos, and general ageing to restore silky softness and sleek gloss. Keratin – the hair builder protein present in this shampoo – goes into hair strands and gently repairs the damage to minimize hair fall. This shampoo is not only totally free of harsh sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, salt, and synthetic colour, it also contains almond and argan oils for rich scalp nourishment. 

Body Cupid Biotin & Argan Oil Shampoo

Body Cupid Biotin and Argan Oil Shampoo


This gentle shampoo is enriched with hair-friendly vitamin biotin and Moroccan argan oil known as liquid gold for its rich nutritional values. It is completely free of harmful sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, salt and synthetic colours. These harsh chemicals can strip your hair of its natural oils and further contribute to hair damage and hair fall. With this shampoo, your hair gets only the gentle nourishment of purest and finest ingredients to ensure healthy pro-hair growth care.

Body Cupid Keratin Hair Conditioner

Body Cupid Keratin Hair Conditioner


Body Cupid Keratin Hair Conditioner has been formulated to give your hair rich care to make it look its strongest and beautiful best. It comes powered with Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein that heals hair damage caused by lack of moisture, heat, and chemical styling treatments. Also contains almond oil and argan oil – two traditionally valued hair care marvels – to promote hair growth, revive gloss, and boost silkiness.  Completely free of mineral oils and parabens. Regular use helps reduce hair fall,  tangles and breakage, helps hair look and feel stronger, silkier, and glossier.

Body Cupid Biotin & Argan Hair Oil Conditioner

Body Cupid Biotin and Argan Oil Hair Conditioner


Body Cupid Biotin & Argan Oil Hair Conditioner helps give your tresses a moisturising, silky-glossy makeover caused by low hydration, sulphate-laden shampoos, silicone-laden styling products and/or heat styling treatments. Its intensive natural active-based formulation is powered with Biotin – also known as Vitamin H or hair vitamin –  that helps improve keratin (the protein hair is made of) production and also revitalizes scalp and hair follicles for stronger hair. Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids help nourish hair by increasing hydration and providing richer nutrition. Vitamin B5, Sweet Almond Oil, and Jojoba Oil assist in giving your hair complete conditioning care.

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