Gifts of fragrance in the festive season

Fragrances and festivities go hand in hand, as do gifting and festivals. There is no festival bigger than Christmas and there is no Christmas gift better than fragrances or perfumes.

Why give perfumes for Christmas gifts?

Thinking what to give as Christmas gift for her (or for him)? What’s the Christmas gift idea that will bring a smile of happiness to their face? These questions strike all of us at this time of the year. If you are tired of the usual scarves, chocolates, books and sweaters, may we suggest perfumes as the perfect Christmas gifts!

Perfumes show you care

Christmas gifts are given to family, close friends and loved ones. Christmas gifts are meant to show thoughtfulness. Perfumes fit the bill totally by being personal in nature as this is something one wears on their person. Plus, perfume bottles are so pretty that you actually gift a fragrance of joy in a thing of beauty that brings joy to the recipient.

Perfumes can be chosen to match the personality of the recipient

Fruity for fun and bubbly, musk for sex appeal, floral for romance – you can actually pick a perfume to match the personality of the one you are gifting it to. 

Body Cupid has a vast range of simply awesome perfumes across fragrance categories. Take a look and choose accordingly. Actually with a range this big, you can actually get perfumes to match personality of each and everyone you are sending the gift to.

Perfumes give a pampering and luxurious vibe

A good Christmas gift should pamper and please the recipient. It should bring in a touch of luxury to everyday living. What better than perfumes! A treat for the senses, a fragrance that attracts others around, and a touch of luxury one can just spritz on! Perfumes are the perfect Christmas gifts.

Perfumes get used

There are run of the mill gifts like flower vases, silk scarves and tote bags that rarely get used. Many simply get shoved to the back of a cupboard. In contrast, perfumes are worn every day or on every special occasion. After all, everyone loves to smell good. A quality perfume is actually a Christmas gift that goes on giving through the  year.

Perfumes are ‘happiness’ gift

The power to smell is one of the key senses and the right kind of smell can evoke a million happy memories. A good scent worn in moderation adds to favorable impression. Some fragrances like citrusy and spicy ones actually uplift the mood. Plus, the gift of perfume whenever sprayed on will remind the wearer of you. 

Perfumes work for ‘him’, for ‘her’, for ‘both’

There are women’s perfumes. There are men’s perfumes. And there are unisex perfumes. You need never be confused about Christmas gifts for men, Christmas gift for women, and Christmas gift for them both. Just read the label of the perfume and you are sorted.

Now that we have convinced you about how terrific perfumes are as Christmas gift idea, here is where to buy some really good ones.

Body Cupid Perfumes: A range of exclusive Christmas Gifts Ideas 

Christmas gift


Body Cupid, the premium bath, body and fragrance brand offers a complete range of men’s, women’s and unisex perfumes.  There are light fragrances, intense fragrances, playful fragrances, and romantic ones as well. 

Once sprayed on correctly, these stay on for long and create a subtle and lingering aura of fragrance around you.

Packaged in attractive and display-worthy 100 ml bottles, these have immense gifting value for Christmas and for all other happy occasions of life.

Unisex perfumes from Body Cupid

  • Body Cupid Aqua Wave
  • Body Cupid Golden Orient
  • Body Cupid Seductive

  • Men’s Perfumes from Body Cupid

  • Body Cupid Aqua Storm
  • Body Cupid Exotic Oud
  • Body Cupid Mr. Wonderful
  • Body Cupid Partos

  • Women’s Perfumes from Body Cupid 

  • Body Cupid Secret Love
  • Body Cupid Sweet Passion
  • Body Cupid Scandal
  • Body Cupid Beautiful Rose
  • Body Cupid Rose Oud
  • Body Cupid Rosebuds
  • Body Cupid Lily & Spice
  • Body Cupid Tuberose Love
  • Body Cupid Jasmine & Orange Blossom 
  • Body Cupid Floral Garden

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