🪔Beauty Gifts to Add Glow to Diwali Festivities🪔

🪔Beauty Gifts to Add Glow to Diwali Festivities🪔

Hello, Body Cupid wishes you Happy Diwali, along with much joy and glow throughout the festive season.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is knocking at our doors.  It is time to shine, glow, and spread some happiness among your family, friends and all the near and dear ones. It is also the time to give hand-picked gifts that will show how much you appreciate their being there for you.

The usual Diwali gifts of calorie-packed sweets and sugary goodies are passe. People nowadays prefer exclusive gifts that add joy and value to their life. Luxury items that pamper senses, things that are visually beautiful and holistically healthy. Ones that can be enjoyed over weeks, months, to slowly savour the benefits. Gifts that spell luxury, beauty and wellness.

If you are looking for one such Diwali gift, look no further than the Body Cupid Diwali Gift Box. 

Body Cupid Diwali Gift Box is a specially curated set of hand-picked and bestselling bath and body products from Body Cupid’s acclaimed personal care range. A limited-edition offering, it is available only during this festive season. 

First, the box. The generous sized and the sturdy box itself is an object of beauty with its floral red and pink pattern on white. So pretty it is that once the products inside have been taken out and used up, the recipient will retain it to reuse/ repurpose the box for sure, ensuring that you are recalled often, and with appreciation. 

Of course, the products inside are superlative performers that will wow the user with visible positive results. The packaging sizes are a generous 200 ml for each (800 ml in total) for numerous usages. None of those travel-sized itty bitty bottles or tubes that get over in barely two applications. The tubes, the jar and the spray bottle in it are so gorgeous that the bathroom vanity will also get a facelift. 

The Body Cupid Diwali Gift Box contains:

☑️ Body Cupid Cherrylicious Shower Gel (200 mL)

☑️ Body Cupid 24 K Gold Scrub (200 mL)

☑️ Body Cupid Vanilla Body Mist (200 mL)

☑️ Body Cupid Red Plum Body Butter (200 mL)

☑️ Designer Diwali Diya

Think of it. When you gift this box, the recipient gets so much joy and use step by step, day after day, week after week.  There is a fragrant sulphate-free body wash to cleanse off the dust and the dirt of the day, a gold scrub to remove hidden impurities from skin and bring out a rich glow, a seductive body mist to add fragrance to presence, and lush and nourishing body butter to soften and hydrate the skin. Complete makeover, in a way.

Last but not the least; there is a designer Diwali diya to add a touch of luxurious loveliness to your pooja décor.

You will agree that the Body Cupid Diwali Gift Box is the perfect gift for the festival of lights.

More on the products in Body Cupid Diwali Gift Box

All the products in this box (actually, the entire Body Cupid range) is guaranteed free of harsh sulphates, parabens, and mineral oils. Each and every product is enriched with pure botanical actives known for enhancing skin. When you use or gift a Body Cupid product, do it with the assurance of purity and goodness. It’s spa level pampering, folks!

Here is a look at what you get in the box

Best Diwali gift




Body Cupid Cherrylicious Bath & Shower Gel 

Premium bath & shower gel enriched with natural cherry seed and peach kernel oils. This sulphate/ paraben-free bath & shower gel has a luscious fruity fragrance, lathers profusely, and gives your skin tender loving care to leave it looking clean, clear and glowing.

Body Cupid 24 K Gold Body Scrub 

Premium body scrub Enriched with fine gold mica, cocoa butter and walnut shell powder. This precious body scrub gently removes toxins, pollutants, dirt, excess oil and dead cells to leave your skin clean, smooth and gorgeously radiant.

Body Cupid Vanilla Body Mist 

Premium body mist with delicate and enchanting vanilla fragrance. Has a mild spicy note that enhances vanilla notes and entices senses. Keeps you feeling refreshed and fragrant for hours. 

Body Cupid Red Plum Body Butter

Premium body butter that gives intensive anti-aging protection along with moisturizing and brightening benefits. Infused with naturally vitamin C-rich plum extract and nourishing premium botanical butters bursting with the goodness of essential fats the skin loves to soak in. Delivers deep hydration and antioxidant protection keeps dryness at bay and enhances radiance.

Designer Diwali Diya

A designer Diya with golden rose motifs to light up your Diwali celebrations.

All in all, a gift of beauty and joy. Just perfect for Diwali!

About Body Cupid

Body Cupid is a leading premium brand of luxury personal care products. Its fabulous portfolio contains top-of-the-line bath & body, skincare, and hair care products, and also a range of luxurious fragrances. 

Something more about Body Cupid

Body Cupid combines traditional holistic skincare principles with modern botanical science to present a premium range of personal care products. Gentle and effective, these products help heal everyday damages to skin and hair to restore wellness and enhance glow. Every Body Cupid formulation comes enriched with botanical actives – plant extracts/essential oils – that cleanse, refresh and relax your body, mind and soul. To ensure truly good and deeply nourishing products, we do not put any harmful parabens or sulphates or mineral oils in any of our formulations. We also do not indulge in animal testing and all our products are guaranteed vegetarian/ vegan. 

There is another feature that makes Body Cupid extra special, extra desirable. Our products are made in an ultra-modern, quality-assured plant amidst pure and pristine environs of the Himalayas, the mightiest mountains in the world, and nature’s tallest gift to mankind. Think of it, not just the active ingredients, even the water and air that go in our products are utterly clean and totally pollution-free.

Body Cupid Diwali Gift Box. It is the most delightful way of gifting glow and joy this Diwali.


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