Citrus is Great for Your Skin

Citrus is Great for Your Skin

Citrus in your skincare is a skin saver!

Everyone loves citrus fruits – limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruit and more – on their platter. Tangy, tasty, bursting with flavours, packed with healthy nourishment. Do you know that citrus fruits’ essential oils and extracts are just as wonderful for your skin too? Let’s know more on this.

There’s something absolutely refreshing about the taste and the smell of citrus fruits that just wows the senses. We all know how awesome citrus fragrances and flavours are. What most people don’t know is that Citrus has tremendous benefits for the skin on topical application too. This is the reason citrus peels, juices, extracts and essential oils have been valued in traditional as well as modern skincare. 

First, why citrus fruits and their extracts/essential oils are so good for your skin health. 

Vitamin C for skin

Citrus fruits have rich amounts of vitamin C in them which is a power nutrient for skin. Vitamin C is also called the Holy Grail of skincare and is a potent antioxidant i.e. free radical destroyer. Remember, free radicals are harmful byproducts of UV radiation and pollution-borne toxins. Vitamin c works at cellular levels to help shield the skin from free radical damage that otherwise cause skin to age and wrinkle. Vitamin C is needed by skin tissue as it helps stimulate production of two key skin proteins – elastin and collagen – that work to give firmness and suppleness. Vitamin C in skincare products supports:

  • Skin’s plumpness and firmness
  • Reduction of premature skin aging signs
  • Lightening of age spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Brightening of skin tone and reduction in dullness

Antimicrobial and antibacterial power

Citrus based active ingredients help shield the skin from harmful infections that can otherwise cause acne, rashes, redness or itching. These purifying and clarifying qualities also help balance skin for better complexion.

Bioflavonoid power

Bioflavonoids are healthy compounds found naturally in plants that help the plant and its parts stay healthy. Citrus fruits are rich in bioflavonoids that help protect the skin’s vascular health to ensure healthy blood supply to it. Bioflavonoids also help the body to better absorb and utilize vitamin C that in turn works to promote skin health.

AHA power to skin rescue

The citric acid present in citrus fruits is an AHA or an alpha hydroxy acid type that’s great for skin health. AHAs help the skin by providing gentle exfoliation to give more radiance to skin. AHAs also support anti-aging skin power, increase skin hydration, and help reduce acne by helping tighten pores and clearing up clogged skin pores.  

Anti-pigmentation power

Dark spots (hyperpigmentation) give your skin an uneven look. Citrus fruit have good anti-pigmentation properties that help lighten discolored areas by promoting skin cell turnover through micro-level exfoliation.

Stress-busting power

As we all know, citrus fragrances are just irresistible with their tangy, sweet, and fruity notes. Aromatherapy – the alternative healing system that uses essential oils and their fragrances for wellness – uses citrus oils and fragrances for mood stabilization and stress-busting. As stress and skin health are linked, when stress reduces, your skin looks better automatically.

Mandarin orange as a citrus skin aide

Mandarin oranges (Citrus reticulata) are a particularly beneficial citrus fruit that’s excellent for skin. It is low in acidic properties which makes it gentle for skin. Recommended for its exfoliation, detoxifying and anti-sun damage qualities, mandarin oranges have not just vitamin C but also vitamin E and zinc, both vital for skin health. 

Mandarin orange essential oil is prized in aromatherapy based skincare and personal care for its skin-nourishing, anti-aging, and mood-boosting qualities.

Body Cupid, Citrus Love, and Mandarin Orange Essential Oil

Body Cupid is a luxurious bath and body brand with an excellent range of personal care products enriched with Mandarin Orange Essential Oil under its Citrus Love range. These include Citrus Love Shower Gel, Citrus Love Body Butter, and Citrus Love Body Mist. You can include all these in your everyday regimen to give your skin excellent care and also to build layers of fragrance that surround you and make you smell really, really good.

 All Body Cupid Citrus Love products are totally free of harmful sulphates, parabens & mineral oils to ensure your skin gets the best holistic care. 

Here is a look at Body Cupid Citrus Love Products that bring you all the skin-loving goodness of citrus in pampering and luxurious products.

Body Cupid Citrus Love Bath & Shower Gel





This luxurious bath and shower gel is infused with Shea Butter, Mandarin Orange Essential Oil & Vitamin B5.  Lathers beautifully for a pampering, spa-like experience. Has an awesome tangy-fruity fragrance that’s soothing and relaxing for the senses.  Rich in healthy essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that nourish the skin and help shield it from signs of aging. Gentle formulation suitable for all skin types that’s totally free of harmful parabens, sulphates and mineral oils. 

Bonus: Available in bottles (250 ml) and tubes (200 ml) so pretty that your bathroom’s looks get a gorgeous add on.

Body Cupid Citrus Love Body Butter 

body butter




This ultra-rich body butter restores skin’s healthy hydration level and provides antioxidant protection too. A deeply nourishing blend enhanced by highly nourishing pure mandarin orange essential oil, cocoa and shea butters, and premium botanical oils rich in skin-friendly essential fats and vitamins, it gives your skin all the moisturization and protection it needs to look young, fresh, and firm day after day. Highly recommended for dry and aging skin.

Body Cupid Citrus Love Body Mist

body mist




Body Cupid Citrus Love Body Mist is a premium unisex product with a cheerful citrusy fragrance loaded with lemon and mandarin orange notes. Spraying it on not only refreshes the skin, it also uplifts the mood. This is truly a ‘happiness in a spray bottle’ body mist. For fragrance intensification, this body mist can be layered with Body Cupid Citrus Love Shower Gel & Body Cupid Citrus Love Body Butter.


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