Have you tried out some fabulous body lotions as yet?

Medically speaking, skin is our body’s largest organ. As you know; this hardworking organ encases our entire body and protects internal organs from external damages.

Cosmetically speaking, skin with good complexion (glowing, wrinkle-free, smooth, even toned) is absolutely high on everyone’s wish list as great skin helps one look simply gorgeous.

Realistically speaking, most of us lavish high attention to skin on face and neck (closely followed by hands) and forget to show even one-third of it on skin elsewhere. After all; skin is skin. Right?

Well, your skin – all of it, from tip to toe – deserves pampering and a good way to dole out this pampering is through body lotions.

What’s a body lotion & what does it do

A body lotion is a fluid formulation made up of water, oils and botanical active ingredients. It can be applied and gently massaged all over body to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated, and also to replenish skin’s lost oils that are leached off due to washing, soaping, scrubbing and rinsing. A body lotion’s main job is to work as an emollient i.e. to keep dryness away from your skin.

So all body lotions are kind of equal, right?

Well, not quite. Like most other product categories, body lotions too come in different quality segments. Some are basic formulations made with inexpensive oils (even synthetic mineral oils) and harmful preservatives like parabens that can cause long term damage to your skin. Then there are premium formulations that have genuine cold pressed plant oils (almond, argan, peach, olive, rice bran, strawberry seed, apricot oils etc) and botanical butters (shea & cocoa butters), plus botanical actives like pure plant extracts, essential oils and vitamins for giving your skin not just moisture but plenty of nourishment too. Do note this point very carefully, a worthy body lotion will never have even a drop of mineral oils, parabens and sulphates.

So how exactly do premium body lotions pamper

Dryness be gone - These stop your skin from becoming dry by giving it ample moisture and hydration. Dryness causes fine lines and wrinkles and that makes you look older.

Skin love with nourishment - Best quality body lotions have pure plant oils and butters to nourish the skin with essential fatty acids that keep skin supple and silken. Do you know that all ancient civilizations with their skincare secrets have valued plant oils for thousands of years? If in India, we revere almond oil, in Mediterranean, this honour goes to olive oil. In North Africa, Moroccan argan oil is the ultimate skincare secret. For native Americans (Red Indians), shea butter has been the byword in skincare. Well, premium body lotions now bring these precious botanical oils and butters to benefit your skin in wholesome and non-greasy way.

Aromatherapy & herbal goodness - Premium body lotions may also have essential oils (myrrh, frankincense, tuberose, ylang ylang etc), botanical extracts (aloe vera, red plum, liquorice etc) and vitamins (A, B, C & E) for additional skin benefits. Essential oils, botanical extracts and vitamins have ample antioxidants to fade blemishes, fight elemental damage and protect skin from negative effects of pollution and sun damage.

Luxury, fragrance & indulgence – Be honest, who doesn’t want moments of luxury and indulgence in the stressed lives we lead! Well, the delicately fragrant and silken touch of a premium body lotion is utterly relaxing for body and mind. Essential oils are believed to have therapeutic fragrances that calm the mind and instil peace. So when you apply a body lotion on your skin, massage it with a gentle touch and feel it get absorbed softly into your skin, it actually feels like a spa-like relaxation zone creation for a few precious minutes. As premium body lotions are available in a wide range of fragrance types (check out Body Cupid Body Lotions with their awesome range of fragrances) to match your mood of the day.

Want supple skin? Try Body Cupid Vanilla and Almond Milk Body Lotion. Its pleasant fragrance keeps you smelling lovely throughout the day.

Want to feel fresh and energized? Try Body Cupid Aloe Vera and Green Tea Daily Body Lotion. Contains natural actives that keeps skin healthy.

Want to nourish your skin? Try Body Cupid Coconut Milk and Cocoa Butter Body Lotion. It instantly delivers rich hydration.

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