Best Indian Scrub for That Coveted Skin Glow

Get the rosy gold glow with softer, smoother skin all over

Why should only your facial skin glow? Why not bring the coveted skin glow all over? To get skin that looks all aglow, we recommend using body scrubs, especially those enriched with rosewater and gold mica powder. Like the Body Cupid Himalayan Rose Gold Body Scrub. 

 If you think scrubs and exfoliation are only for the face, think again. Your skin all over needs regular dead cells removal for rejuvenation. That’s why we recommend using body scrub on arms, legs, shoulders, back, and anywhere else where you want your skin to feel satiny smooth, and dewy glowy. Of course, you need to be sure that the scrub you have chosen is fit for the task.

First a look at what body scrubs are and how they differ from face scrubs.

A body scrub is a specialist skincare formulation for skin exfoliation regimen i.e. it works to remove dead cells, grime and sweat, etc from the skin’s top layer, and helps reveal softer, smoother and younger skin from underneath.

A face scrub also has the same function but for your facial skin. How do the two differ then? Well, your facial skin is thinner and needs a gentler scrub with a milder concentration of key actives. Face scrubs are also thinner inconsistency.

Body scrubs, in contrast, are stronger, thicker and have a higher amount of exfoliant actives as the skin on your body is different from the one on your face. 

The making of a body scrub

Body scrubs come in different types and fragrances. The actives too may differ from brand to brand or variant to variant. It is always a good idea to read the ingredient list printed on the label before you making your body scrub purchase.

Some preferred ingredients to look for are:

  • Hydrating actives like aloe vera gel or juice – This marvelously therapeutic active has over 75 healing compounds such as vitamins, minerals, sugars, amino acids, and many more in it naturally. Aloe vera is a hydrating agent that is excellent for moisturizing skin as it doesn’t clog pores or look greasy. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities that soothe the skin.
  • Natural exfoliating agents like strawberry seed/ cocoa/ walnut shell powder – Fine powder from natural plant sources that works to remove the top layer of dead cells.
  • Humectant like glycerin (vegetable origin glycerin is vegan-friendly) – It helps the skin retain moisture for longer for a dewy glow. 
  • Glow boosting and mineral care active like gold mica powder – It is a natural mineral with golden particles that reflect light for the radiant glow effect.
  • Pore tightener and skin balancer hydrosols like rose water or lavender water - Made from real flowers, pure aromatic floral waters or hydrosols are excellent pore refiners. These also help heal, moisturize, and protect skin. Rosewater (or Gulab Jal as it is called in India) is a traditional skincare ingredient valued for thousands of years in households.
  • An antioxidant nutritional activity like Vitamin E – It helps scavenge harmful free radicals that can otherwise harm the skin and hasten the onset of signs of skin aging.

How exfoliation helps boost skin’s glow

A quality body scrub really helps evoke skin’s own radiance. This brightening effect is due to the removal of the top layer of dead cells from the skin that helps reveal fresher and smoother skin from underneath. As the pores also are cleansed and tightened, the skin looks visibly better. Exfoliation also increases skin turnover and increases hydration for anti-aging benefits. The scrubbing action with its circular fingertip movements imitates skin massage which in turn boosts blood flow to skin’s capillaries and that works to increase skin tissue’s nutrient absorption. This too helps boost skin’s glow.  Massage of skin also stimulates collagen production that helps boost firmness and suppleness of skin. Last but not the least; a gentle mineral active like gold mica with reflective qualities adds to skin’s radiance by reflecting part of the light that falls on the skin.

Using body scrub is simple and easy

Just wet your body under a warm shower. Apply a generous amount of the body scrub on desired areas – legs, arms, back, shoulders, tummy, elbows, etc. – and massage well using gentle circular movements. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly. Enjoy softer, smoother and more glowing skin.

How often to use a body scrub

No more than twice a week. Scrubbing too often and too vigorously can make your skin tender. If your skin is excessively dry, once a week exfoliation should be enough. For normal and oily skin types, twice a week body scrubbing is recommended.

Also, avoid scrubbing on sore or broken skin. 

How to choose a quality scrub

Buy only from a reputed personal care brand with high rating customer reviews and feedback. Check the ingredient list and the label. Your chosen body scrub should be totally without parabens  and mineral oils. The key actives to look for are natural skin hydrators, exfoliants, antioxidants, humectants and balancers.

Body Cupid Body Scrubs

We recommend Body Cupid Body Scrubs.  Body Cupid is known for its premium bath and body skincare products enriched with premium botanical actives and formulated for visible skin benefits. 

While Body Cupid has an excellent range of body scrubs for you to choose from as per your specific skin needs, for radiance boost, we recommend Body Cupid Himalayan Rose Gold Body Scrub.

Body Cupid Himalayan Rose Gold Body Scrub 

Body Cupid Himalayan Rose Gold Scrub




A very Indian body scrub formulation with actives much valued in traditional Indian skincare. This scrub has Aloe Vera Juice, Rose Water, Gold Mica, Walnut Shell Powder & Vitamin E. It gives your skin a pampering exfoliation experience to leave your skin looking visibly cleaner and deliciously smoother. Rosewater tones, hydrates and refreshes your skin. Fine gold mica enhances its radiance. Walnut Shell Powder gently unclogs pores and removes sebum and dead cells. Vitamin E tackles pollutants to slow down signs of aging. This scrub is completely free of parabens, mineral oils and sulphates.

Added bonus benefits:  This formulation is so pampering and relaxing, you will feel as if you have been to a spa and received a lush skin exfoliation session. Also, the packaging is so premium and gorgeous looking, it will add to your shower’s presence too.

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